CCminer & NVIDIA GPU's

CCminer & NVIDIA GPU's

CCminer & NVIDIA GPU's

Hello people, I have a lot of experience in cryptocurrencies in the last 2 years, it has become better for me than real money.
This will be my first post on how to mine with a graphics card.

I started working on the lbry platform page and unfortunately I inadvertently lost my account so I decided to look for a way if Lbry could be mined. And luckily I found it.

Lbry currency is breaking through, lbry will become like youtube in the distant future, it is already similar because you can earn quite a lot by watching videos, reposting and so on.

Today I present to you an excellent program



- Easy download
- Easily adjustable
- Free
- Connection with zpool

We'll only have to play with the bat file for a while.
L'ets started

Page Lbry -Lbry Platform

CC miner download

Zpool -

let's go
1 -Sign in to the lbry platform

2- Downloaded ccminer

3- Zpool

Once you've watched the video, create a text document on the ccminer and name it as you wish.
example lbcminer.txt becomes lbcminer.bat
when you have done this then go to edit and type exactly as an example-

ccminer-x64.exe -a lbry -o stratum + tcp: // 3334 -u bJm7Jj4xgkpFheyZsksJPVQd6uQrDdhLGY -p c = LBC

Paste the code from the video and it will turn out like this. run ccminer you can keep track of everything on your z pool when you insert your wallet code.

Mine lbc and earn money .